Wednesday, June 19, 2013

holy eggs benedict

Breakfast date with Kasey was great and Snooze was delicious and "hip" and the best eggs benedict I've ever had (though Crest Cafe still wins in the french toast department)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

beach rats

I don't belong in Southern California. I'm not big on the beach or mexican food.

Monday, May 13, 2013

where the hell did may gray go?

It's stupidly hot outside and there's stupid traffic because of stupid construction surrounding my school. I don't like this weather at all. I am not a summer person. This weekend I got brunch in Encinitas at Solace and the Moonlight Lounge, which is run by one of my favorite San Diego chefs (his North Park restaurant is perfection) and the place is next to the train station and is filled with mason jar glasses, open patios, oyster bars, communal tables, BLTs with fried eggs, grilled cheese, cheddar biscuits, and there's a portrait of The Dude on the wall near the bar (the North Park restaurant has a portrait of Ron Burgandy.) I also stopped at Green Thumb Nursery to pick up a mother's day gift and in the process made a few new friends. 

I hate this weather. It's too hot.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

'i hate buses'

Like any other high school senior, my thoughts lately have revolved pretty heavily on college (Prom, AP tests, and hockey too...) and the realization that in 4 months I won't be here. Instead I'll be there. I'll be in Providence at RISD and I'm going to be with a roommate and new classes and new classmates and in a new city with new things to explore and on the other side of the country from my family and most of my friends. This is terrifying and also invigorating. The thing I'm probably most excited about for college is being so far away.

I've grown up in Suburban Southern California. When you're in suburbia where everything was planned out by a developer and part of the game in your subdivision is guessing who shares the same floorplan, you grow up surrounded by a variety of grocery stores, pharmacies, pizza chains, and fast food. I can give you the low down on the difference between Vons, Ralphs, Albertsons, Trader Joes, Stater Bros, and Henry's/Sprouts. The public transportation is a literal joke. Going downtown takes 30+ minutes of driving and a bunch of gas and then it's searching for parking and yeah. Not the ideal experience. Suburbia isn't dreadful, but it's boring. It's chains and shopping centers and there's no character throughout it all.

I don't know what Providence is going to be like. But I know that I don't need a car. I'll be able to walk and wander and just explore. I've always loved navigational problem solving, as dumb as it sounds. Having a target destination and having to figure out how to get there, missing a turn and trying to recorrect without making a U-turn, wandering out and trying to find a way back. I'm excited to be able to leave my dorm without being asked what I'm doing, where I'm going. I'm excited to not have to answer where I was when I get back.

Being an only child, I've dealt with these questions my whole life. There's a weird feeling of dependency that grows as an only child, a fascination with adults lives and a connectedness with my parents. And then I got my license and wanted freedom but everytime I walked back in the door when I got home there were still questions and I'm too afraid to try something new because I don't want to have to answer what I've done or why I've done it, no matter how tame the what may be.

I'm excited for college because I want to walk out that door with a city in front of me open to explore. I'm excited for college because I want to be able to try a yoga class or a zumba class and not worry about explaining why, because I want to just do stuff and not worry about explaining why. In the suburbs there's no chance to explore. There always needs to be a why. Why did you leave the developmental boundaries? Why did you drive all the way there? The suburbs are designed for you to have everything you need, right in one compact neighborhood shopping center and leaving it is like journeying into the wild and the unknown and it's a Big Deal.

In Suburbia you grow up with the same people on the same streets and you're going to be graduating with a kid you met before you were even in preschool. There's that kid who has been in 75% of your classes over the years. No one from my high school is going to RISD. One kid, who I've only spoken to once, is going to Providence. College is 100% new people for me (except Patrick but he's not a freshman so he doesn't count) and it means not worrying that they'll compare you to the past and it's a fresh start and it's stepping out into the world without getting asked why. I'm excited because I'm not tied to anyone from the past. There's no obligations for me, I won't feel guilty not talking to someone because it doesn't matter.

I'm excited for an open city and an open start and I can't wait to get out of this planned out place and into the chaos of life in a city and at a college with creative and crazy people. I can't handle suburbia anymore.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

standing in line to buy tangible music

 So it's been an adventurous few days. I've been preoccupied with working the musical and haven't had much of a life otherwise. This saturday I went down to Hillcrest and stood in line at Record City for a while for Record Store Day where I grabbed some Foals, Mike Watt, and Nick Cave. The credit card machine went down but Record City are wonderful folks and handled it as best as they could, going through the phone at their Vegas location and providing us all with free pizza. They continue to hold a place in my heart as my favorite record store. Yesterday my friend asked me to prom with a cardboard vinyl, so naturally I said yes. Last thursday I went to the San Diego Museum of Art, where I had a piece included in their Young Art 2013 show and I got to wander around and hover near my piece and hear whatever people had to say about it.

Other updates on my life: the place in Toronto with the good ramen has a location in San Diego that I'm trying this weekend. I bought gold heels to wear to prom because what else were you expecting. I'm in love with hazlenut lattes. I get to sleep in everyday this week as an award for being a senior and taking state standardized testing for like 10 years. Not bad.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

without you, this would be a practice

The Evens played in a church in North Park and my life hit its peak. It was just an emotional night for me and I watched as someone I heavily respected walked out on stage and politely asked a section of the audience to sit down and they complied. I watched as Amy Farina walked onstage and simultaneously appeared to be about 15 and not at the same time. I heard Ian describe his theory that the world will make everybody cops and thus be in need of criminals and discuss government drones, he bantered with the audience over a sarcastic comment, someone requested Waiting Room, they played Shelter Two, the audience screamed "The police will not be excused, the police will not behave" and then I waited in line as a cultural icon sold his own merch off of the stage and from cardboard boxes.

I walked up and after being cut in line twice, purchased their second album on vinyl, looked up at Ian and told him that I'd discovered Fugazi freshmen year, and just, Thank You. I don't really know what else I could have said to be quite honest. He shook my hand, and then whispered in my ear, I took a photo with him and then with tears brimming from my eyes (for the fourth occurrence of the evening) left the church with a skip in my step and then stepped outside and emitted a few high pitched squeals as though I had just met my Harry Styles.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

"do you ever feel like your eyebrows never really joined together?"

Friday we did nothing really in my Literature class, so instead a game of Apples to Apples broke out, per usual. I've currently discovered one of the greatest Trader Joe's products. They're gluten free Chocolate Chip cookies, and let me tell you, I had no idea they were gluten free for the longest time. They're delicious and taste like brown sugar and butter and chocolate chips all in a wonderfully crispy and thin cookie that tastes homemade and I am in LOVE.

I spent a good portion of the weekend parked in front of my computer on Adobe Illustrator while playing Season 3 of The Amazing Race in the background. Flo was such a nightmare my god. Ken and Gerard were perfection though. Why haven't they even returned?

Saturday night was spent proving my theory about the rule of 6 and me in social situations, playing pool, and continuing to knit a beanie in a corner while others held loud conversations. I played Settlers of Catan for the first time and almost won, but didn't. Someone buy me it soon because I'm a bit of a giant board game geek and I think I may be hooked.